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My Top Hotel Pet Peeves

Frequent Business Traveler magazine in conjunction with FlyerTalk just recently released the results of it’s “2014 Hotel Pet Peeves Poll” so here are mine:

1. Poor WIFI, a 20MB daily limit, $20 for the day? you’re kidding right?

2. Pathetic water pressure thats nothing more then a trickle, environmentally friendly? not if it takes me double the amount of time.

3. Insufficient and poorly placed electrical outlets, hence why i travel with a powerboard.

4. Not having adequate space for more than one suitcase, just one luggage stand, really?

5. Bathrooms where there is no place to hang multiple towels.

6. Hotel guests slamming doors and shouting in the hallway, as if they are the only people in the building (though no fault to the hotel itself).

7. Ridiculously over-priced minibar condiments. This is why I make sure to always book a room that has a decent sized fridge to store my drinks and snacks bought by ‘other means’

8. Rooms that have complicated climate control systems that seemed to change temperature all the time without my input.

9. Hangers that can’t be removed from the closet – i.e., fixed to the bar. Do they really have problems with people stealing them?

10. Hotel staff not respecting privacy sign. The first thing I do when I walk into the hotel room is place the “Do not disturb” sign on my door. I don’t want anyone to come into my room unannounced… yet this still doesn’t stop them?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Uber launches in Brisbane

After first launching in Sydney back in November 2012, the Uber chauffeur drive service has finally made it’s way to Brisbane, Australia and is offering free rides during the ‘soft launch’ phase. The free rides are limited to trips “within metro Brisbane” and two rides per Uber account per week.

Uber, which lets you use a simple smartphone app to book and pay for a private hire car at ‘near-taxi’ prices, warns that “availability will be extremely limited” during the trial period and that your best chance of hailing an Uber is in the CBD, Fortitude Valley, New Farm and Paddington areas at this early phase.

New Uber customers in Brisbane (or anywhere else for that matter) can sign up for the service at and enter the special Australian Business Traveller promotion code of uberAusBT to add $20 free Uber credit to their account, which will count against your first paid ride in an Uber car.

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